jungle boogie

i'm not totally sure that there are lions, monkeys and pandas in the jungle, but whatev, babies sure don't seem to care. here are some pretty goofy jungle cakes i made for a little monkey's first birthday...

real monkey cakes these were not. i just made easy chocolate cupcakes with easy cream cheese frosting. however, i wanted to make the monkeys with banana cakes and chocolate cream cheese frosting, but i ran out of time. so on sunday i whipped up a batch (because i've been craving them since i went to tribeca treats) and they were deeeeelish! i used chockylit's recipe for banana cakes found here, but i didn't do any of here fancy additions. i just used the basic cake recipe and added a couple teaspoons of toasted cinnamon. and i used some defrosted chocolate cream cheese frosting that i made sometime last year. these cupcakes were so good i think i'll be whipping up yet another batch as soon as these are gone. i may add pecans, or chocolate chips, or both.

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