Saint Cupcake - Part 3

As any Posy Party Cakes reader knows, my first visit to Saint Cupcake was disappointing, my second was much less so, I actually liked most of what I ate and started to turn the corner on my Saint Cupcake dislike (and jealousy). Well, as noted in the post below, I had a cupcake-mergency on Thursday that required an immediate cupcake injection. I met my husband at Saint Cupcake after work for a pre-dinner dessert treat. While there (sitting outside on a lovely evening) I had Pumpkin Spice, which if I've had before. The Pumpkin Spice is heavier on the spice than the pumpkin, but it's nice and moist (like all St. C cupcakes, they don't lack moisture). The Pumpkin Spice is topped with cream cheese frosting that is good basic cream cheese frosting. I think it was a little sour the first time I went there, but it's either been improved upon or I just hit a bad day (or started it with a sour taste in my mouth!). Because I was in such a state that one cupcake (full size!) would not satisfy, we got four more to go. I didn't taste my husband's choices (all chocolate based) so I can't report on those, but here's what I'll say about what I did eat (oh and how cute is that cupcake carrier?!!):

Fat Elvis: There's more to love than the clever name. This is their signature banana pound cake with chocolate chips (we at Posy's Party Cakes call them "flavor bombs"), topped with peanut butter fudge frosting. While I don't love peanut butter, and would prefer this cake without it, the peanut butter fudge is good. Again, I'd say too peanut buttery and that the pb flavor over powered the yummy banana, but I'm probably the only one with this complaint. Though I think I prefer a chocolate cream cheese on banana cake, this is yummy nonetheless.

Turtle: Perfectly described by St. C as "chocolate cupcake coated with gooey caramel, topped with a toasted pecan, then drenched in hot fudge," I have saved the best for last! GOOD GOLLY I could eat these all day. Maybe I've said it before, I don't think this is the best chocolate cake I've ever had, but who cares? This caramel topping is like a melted praline from New Orleans. It is the most perfect homemade caramel taste and is only made more perfect by drizzling that delicious hot fudge across the top. And those pecans? They just make it better. I am really in love with this cupcake and in awe of Saint Cupcake for creating it. I will def have to go back for another!

One note on the chocolate cake - why does it seem that often in homemade chocolate cake recipes you can taste the flour more than the chocolate? This is a problem, no? It is for me. Luckily the topping on the Turtle is so delicious it covers up that problem, and this isn't just a Saint Cupcake problem either, I've had this happen before and I don't understand it. Increase the chocolate!!!

Ok, but clearly, the bottom line is, I can't bad-mouth Saint Cupcake anymore, and now, I just want to try all the other flavors I haven't had. Like, um, now!

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