Red, White & Blue

Better Than Poundcake, by local bakery Upper Crust, fresh berries from local farms, fresh cream from local dairy. Delicious patriotic dessert. Happy Summer!


Little Flowers for Spring!

These orange yogurt pound cakes are delicious. The recipe came from this book. I would have loved to have crafted something like these cuties, or these incredibly delicious looking candbury creme egg cupcakes (!!!), or even recreated these, but I am working with a 2 1/2 year old assistant, and I have a photo session today, so I needed to stick with something simple. And simple is just what this recipe is, everything in one stand mixer, no frosting required, though I will be serving them with fresh whipped cream, and the taste is simply delicious.


Double Rainbow Cake

I was recently reminded by a friend that I have a cupcake blog that has been significantly neglected for the past 2 1/2 years. I'll say. But I have been back to baking, here and there, and though I highly doubt I have any readers left, I figured I could start blogging about the baking I have been doing, whether or not it's cupcakes. So here it goes...

I cannot believe this baking accomplishment was not blogged immediately - I made it nearly six months ago. But it was a fabulous accomplishment and deserves to be recognized! The rainbow cake inspiration and instructions came from here, however I did not want to use a cake mix, so I used the Amy Sedaris vanilla cupcake recipe but added a little lemon juice and lemon oil to cover up the taste of the food dye (I used food gels), and I topped it with cream cheese frosting. It was a HUGE party success and made my little rainbow-loving 2-year-old very happy.

Next time I'll pay attention to which way is up and hopefully won't end up with upside down rainbows! I don't think she noticed though...

file this under "I want"

They have them at Costco!!!!!
[Update: File it under "I still want that!" - look a few blog posts down. A trip to Costco is clearly in order, as I am now reminded that I have wanted one for years!]