cupcakes more fattening than pizza

I heard this on NPR today and found it to be hi-larious! Based on the report, I'm lead to believe you could have one Magnolia cupcake and a slice of pizza and be A-OK! Just avoid the giant cupcakes at Crumbs, right? Oh whatever, we all know cupcakes aren't diet friendly, they're just cute and delicious. So rather than letting this sway me from cupcakes, it just made me hungry for them. And because I'm pregnant I can't just think "oh that sounds yummy." Nope. I have to sit here thinking about cupcakes all afternoon. AND because I'm pregnant, I'm too tired to even think about whipping up a batch, but not too tired to make a stop by Saint Cupcake on my way. Hope ya'll have a yummy evening, I know I will...

ps I didn't take this photo, it's by Mike Pesca and swiped from the NPR article linked above, it was just too fab not to re-post!

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