desperate for chocolate

friday night just off work, umpteenth day of driving rain,
running errands, ready for dinner,
st. cupcake on my route.
why not?
the situation called for nothing more than chocolate.
above you see the chocolate trio of:
chocolate on chocolate
caramel on chocolate
hot fudge on chocolate
and what you don't see is the red velvet
that didn't make it out of my car.
the red velvet is perfect, delicious, light chocolatey,
with that perfect red velvet taste and topped with a
creamy and good cream cheese frosting.
i took a photo with my cam-phone but now the cord is broken
and i can't get the photos off. yum yum yum! so now i can say
i love the st cupcake red velvet.
i'm also fond of the banana chocolate chip pound cake
that i tried on another emergency visit.
about the three up top... well they satisfied my need
for chocolate. i adore the hot fudge frosting, as i posted after my last visit,
and the chocolate buttercream was super tasty, a little too much,
too rich for me, and left me with a case of sugar bitus, pronounced with a brooklyn accent - "shuga-bite-us"
but tasty nonetheless. i didn't like the caramel,
but not because it wasn't good, because it actually was,
i'm just not a great fan of caramel flavored things that aren't caramel...
the chocolate cake is just ok. i felt like i tasted more flour than chocolate, and that just ain't right. but it was't greasy, which was my beef with st. c last time, and overall i was satisfied.
so there you have it.
and actually, i have more to say, about another angle, but i'm going to try to get my cam-phone photos to go along with that post.
have a good monday!


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The Mr_Baby Hour said...

as a fan on frosting, i like how it's piled on there...