Cupcake Royale is King

a few months ago my darling husband went to seattle for a rock show and came home with a box of cupcake royale cupcakes. oh.my.gawd.YUM! above you see the delicious delicious delicious raspberry, which was the special flavor at the time. raspberry cake, cream cheese frosting, super yummy fruity topper. did i saw delicious? deeeeeeeeeelish!

the whole lot -

lemon drop:
missing a lemon drop topper, but lemony and delicious. the lemon buttercream was perfect!

peppermint patty:
yummy chocolate cake with super minty buttercream. tastes just like a peppermint patty!

orange you glad:
YES I AM! I love, love, love chocolate and orange. their orange buttercream is perfect. tastes of real orange, not fakey flavor.

the barbie:
of course. tasty vanilla cake, tasty vanilla buttercream, pink. what could be better?

the mocha:
oh the mocha. their perfectly perfect chocolate cake topped with a glob of mocha buttercream. can your taste buds imagine it? it was better than that! i want more.

overall i'd say cupcake royale is definitely providing the best cupcakes i've had on the west coast. we could really use a portland branch! and though they don't beat cupcake cafe in NYC, they could rival most of those hoity toity east coast cupcakeries. the cakes were moist, even a day or two old. the frostings were perfectly flavored, not too sweet. the amount of frosting was perfect - a thin spread that provided enough extra moisture, creamy-ness and flavor without overwhelming the cake or your blood sugar level. i can't say enough good things about cupcake royale!

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The Mr_Baby Hour said...

mmm... those look dreamy!