Tribeca Treats

tribeca treats, a bakery and party supply store, hmmm... exactly what i should have done a year ago. i hear there's a place in seattle now that sells yummy flavored cupcakes and vintage party supplies. you know when you say "we should open a/start a/do a___" and then you don't do it. someone else does, they do it right, and you could just _____? well that's how i feel. but oh well, i have a much bigger project on my hands (or rather, in my belly) and can't worry much about couldawouldashouldas. so anyways, the treats:

red velvet, not fabulous, but tastyish. good density, moist, etc., just not the yummiest. but their cream cheese frosting was done to perfection. and though you might think that's easy, many places over sweeten. no sugarbitus here.

ok, so a little disappointed with the red velvet, but the banana cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting? perfection! the cake wasn't fakey banana, but delicious fresh banana cake, like banana bread, but not so dense, and topped with perfect (better than2 G's!) chocolate cream cheese frosting. oooooweeee, i'm going to have to replicate this one!

some flavors i didn't try - pbj (left) and chocolate caramel (right)

and they make the cutest birthday cakes! i hope jack enjoyed his rocket ship!

and the party supplies were fab too, though not a huge selection, what they did have was cute and clever, and they have a great selection of cards too!

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