Amy Sedaris Cupcake UPDATE

In the Fabulous Amy's new book Ms. Sedaris publishes her famous cupcake recipe and a DIFFERENT version of her buttercream - this time with butter. If you read this post you'll know I was very impressed by the Lovely Lady's cakes, but not so much with the frosting. It NEEDED butter! But, I consulted two "official" recipes and neither called for it. And yes, I alter recipes ALL the time, but I wanted the real thing, and this was as close as I was going to get (remember, I tried to get Amy's cakes while visiting NYC but wasn't so lucky). But the published book version calls for butter, so there you have it, I'll be retrying the recipe (which can be found online here) and reporting back soon. In the meantime, everyone should rush out and buy this book! And buy me a copy while you're at it,