Amy Sedaris Test Kitchen

I finally made it to the Decorette Shop on SE Foster street and my only disappointment was that I hadn't been there before. Well and that they didn't have a huge variety of cupcake cups. But they made up for it in their enormous selection of cake toppers, picks, and candies! I bout all the goofy things you see in these photos, as well as beer can picks and candy hot dogs (I haven't used those yet). Clearly I was in a silly mood that day, but they have quite the variety of non-silly toppers as well (beautiful candy flowers, fruits, animals, and holiday themes) and picks (ballerinas, boy scouts, babies, kitties) and commercial themes too! They also have all kinds of baking goodies, cake stands, candy making goods, icing dyes and glitters. I could have spent all day there!

So I decided to test out Amy Sedaris' famous vanilla cupcakes the next day, because I'd heard that Ms. Sedaris loves to use silly picks. I was both delighted and disappointed with the recipe. The cakes themselves were better than Magnolia Bakery's vanilla cakes. Really. Perfect texture, flavor, sweetness, truly the perfect vanilla cake. But the frosting was simply powdered sugar and milk (and vanilla) and tasted just like that - a sweet vanilla paste. I willing to accept that I got something wrong in my recreation, but I won't attempt it again. I think the next time I have to make a vanilla cake I'll make Amy's cakes and Magnolia's vanilla buttercream. Or maybe Warren Brown's, or the Cupcake Cafe's, there are so many options.

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