PDX Cakes!

Cupcakes from Sweet Pea Bakery (served at Extracto), Vita Cafe and New Seasons.
Quick summary:

Extracto/Sweet Pea - Chocolate with Vanilla "Butter"cream was dry but tasty. It was early in the a.m. but I'm thinking these were day old. The vegan buttercream was great, it had a nice thick texture and wasn't greasy or too sweet. My favorite thing was that they looked like little purses!

New Season's (I don't know what bakery they came from)- Carrot cake was dry (why?!!) but the cream cheese frosting was very yummy. Chantilly was ok- I didn't think the chocolate cake was chocolatey enough and I thought the buttercream was ok but too sweet. Pink frosted chocolate cupcake was dry and yucky with a fake raspberry flavored frosting, one was really bland and greasy and the other was too sweet. Why did too matching cakes taste so different?

Vegan and Wheat free cakes from Vita Cafe -
ok, first of all, cupcakes shouldn't be $4.00 each.
Ever. We tried three flavors: Orange with cranberry, chocolate raspberry, and Irish oat. The orange cran was yummy but much more muffin like than cake like. The frosting was tart and tasty.
The chocolate cake was dry, topped with raspberry jam (ok) and an incredibly delicious chocolate ganache (I don't know how they do it without cream). This ganache could challenge any dairy-filled ganache any day. Superb. But the best cake was the Irish Oat - yummy sweet oaty cake (not muffin like, more carrot cake like, with oats instead of carrots) and topped with fake cream cheese frosting that tasted just like the real thing. I wouldn't buy these again because of the price, but they were definitely the tastiest of the three places I've been to in the past few weeks.

Irish Oat

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