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I could say that I've just been terribly busy and also distracted and consumed with a very exciting task (wedding cupcakes - promise to report back after Labor Day). But really I'm just a bad blogger. I love reading other peoples blogs and am disappointed when they aren't updated daily. It is true that I can't possibly bake cupcakes daily (if only!) but I'm weeks behind on blogging cakes I've already baked and photographed. So why would I even consider starting another blog? Oh I don't know. I'm just thinking it'd be fun to blog about parties I throw, attend, create crafts for. Good gifts. Lipstick. Madonna. My sister.
My cat. Sugar-free popsicles and other things I love. We'll see. Does anyone who doesn't know me personally read this blog? Would you read/look at another? Leave comments, and we'll see what I feel like in a few days.

For now I'm posting a couple cupcake related things that I love and think are fabulous, and one sweet, but not cakey, thing I desperately want but so don't need...

The Cup-a-Cake. You know, for lunches and stuff.

Cup-a-Cake Set of 2

Sili-Cups Jewel

Reusable, non-burning, colorful, I think I need them, no? They come in pastels, white, mini and jumbo. Sweek!

Ooooh, and leave it to those wizards over at Crate & Barrel to make them in brown (and cheap!)

Ok, and quite possibly the only thing that could replace my obsession with chocolate fountains is this super fabulous soft serve ice cream maker from Cuisinart!!!!! I want one so much, but it is so silly. And we don't have the kitchen space. And I'm "allergic" to dairy. But damn! I love soft serve, even more than I love regular hard ice cream and almost as much as I love Ralph's Italian Ices. I especially love the sprinkles and cone holder. So cute, so sweet, so soft...

Read more about this wonder contraption here, or better yet, buy one (only $129!!!) and report back to me. Look, it puts the sprinkles right into the ice cream for you. Wouldn't it be the perfect wedding/birthday/anniversary gift?!!!

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