Pretty Portland Cakes

I'm kicking myself because I've gone and lost my notes on the above Red Velvet cupcake. I bought it at New Season's on aFriday night. I'm fairly sure it was from Joseph's but their online menu doesn't offer Red Velvet, so I can't be too sure. The presentation was beautiful, clearly, a perfect red, nice piped frosting with a fabulous lavendar flower (that was so well done it even had a green stem), and extra special shiny and sparkly flakes for a little added flare. Unfortunately the presentation was much better than the actual cake. It was incredibly dry, with a good mild chocolate taste, but not at all moist or buttermilky as it should be. The frosting was sweet and pastey and not yummy at all. Oh well, at least it was photogenic! That evening we also sampled a carrot cake from New Seasons that was absolutely to. die. for. Again, I lost my notes so I've got no idea who made it. It was super moist, with a perfectly perfect cream cheese frosting. Oh and they added pineapple just like I do! I couldn't have eaten more of those.

Now for the others, please forgive the crummy camera phones photos. My husband and I were out buying more pickets for our new fence at Home Depot when we realized it was time for lunch. We went to Zupans on Hayden Island for sandwiches and I decided we needed cupcakes as well (it
was our anniversary after all!). The Triple Lemon Cake (above and below) was from Joseph's and GOOD GOLLY it was SO good! The cake is a lemon buttermilk cake, and it is dense and moist and absolutely perfectly lemony and perfect all around. BUT the best part is that the cake is topped with a thick layer of lemon curd. Ohmygawd why hadn't I thought of this?!! On top of the curd is a nice thick pile of lightly lemony buttercream. Geeezus, this is by far the best cupcake I've had out and about in Portland. Yum yum yum yum yum! And pretty too (they also used the sparkly shiney flake things)!

The carrot cake was for the husband - it was actually called a Carrot Muffin and was from a place called Ruth's that I've never heard of. It was moist and yummy, with a good cream cheese icing (though a little too sweet for me). The cake wasn't very spicey and didn't contain pineapple, coconut, nuts, or anything else special. But it was perfectly good. I think I'm finding that carrot cake is the hardest to scew up.

Ok, time for lunch, I've gone and made my self starved!!!


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