tips for a perfect cupcake

There are no rules, or even guidelines for making the perfect cupcake. I've received tips from a cupcake extraordinaire, feedback from friends, and just general trial and error, and this is what I've discovered helps to make for a perfect cupcake:

  • always double the vanilla (unless you're following one of my recipes b/c I've already doubled). AND for the love of cupcakes use good bourbon vanilla (I like the Madagascar bourbon vanilla). Trader Joe's is a good place to find good, not too expensive vanilla (and other extracts)
  • use booze (substitute wine or liquor when it calls for water)
  • keep it moist (add milk, sour cream, pudding mix, buttermilk, crushed pineapple, juice...)
  • use melted butter instead of oil
  • don't overbeat (unless making silver cakes)
  • don't burn the bottoms -- keep your cupcake tins on top of cookie sheets and start testing 5-10 minutes before recipe says too
  • when a recipe calls for self rising flour cut the amount in half and use half all purpose flour (to avoid tunneling)
  • substitute yummy liquers or other extracts (lemon, orange, mint, cherry, almond) for vanilla
  • spice up a cake mix with cinnamon, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, coffee, vanilla/extracts, booze, melted chocolate... be creative and don't be scared
  • when making cream cheese frosting, use light (Neufchatel) instead of regular, it is less heavy and makes for tastier frosting


The Mr_Baby Hour said...

a couple of questions...

-when you're using butter instead of oil, is the amount the same?

-what on earth are "silver cakes?"

thanks babe. you are indeed, the cupcake goddess. Miles suggested I write a children's book about you. Posy the Cupcake Queen.

Posy said...

I love it!

Yes, same amount, just melt it and measure it to be the same

"silver" cupcakes come from Ingri and Juniper and are super delicious, when you beat the heck out of the batter it sort of looks silver, I think that's where the name comes from

Janis said...

hi, will overmixed cause the cupcake to seperate from the case when it's baked? I have been using the same batter for awhile and on my most recent batch, the cake actually seperated from the case. It gets worse when it starts to cool down/ overnight. thanks.