Well I didn't get around to making St. Patrick's day cupcakes but I saw a lot of them online and I didn't like the way most of them looked. Here's my favorite, made by Martha, of course (or more than likely a Martha slave). You can find her recipe on her website or you can make the super delicious Magnolia Bakery recipe for Vanilla Vanilla cupcakes (below) and decorate them with a shamrock/clover and save yourself from having to eat more green food coloring. OR you could make any chocolate cupcake recipe substituting the required liquid with Guiness and top it with a cream cheese frosting and a clover or two.

Have a fun beer drinkin' evening! I promise to get to work on some of my own this weekend and post a pretty one by Monday.


The Mr_Baby Hour said...

mmmmmmm...... i'm a sucker for anything with a clover on it. i agree on the food coloring thing... although, i'm excited to try the red velvet cuppies. how are those coming along?

Posy said...

oh my god I made them in flower mini bundt pans this weekend and I swear they were the best party cakes I've ever made. SO delicious. It is all about the butter and buttermilk combo, oh and dark chocolate coco powder. Deeeeelish! I'll post about them with fotos as soon as I can get the images of my camera. And you'll of course have them topped with cc frosting at Baby B's shower. Can't wait!