thank you.

I'm playing catch up today and writing out my overdue "thank you" cards for birthday and christmas presents. I got so many cupcake and baking related gifts that I thought I should share some. One you've already seen the results of, the gingerbread pan in the post below. SO cute! I never knew I needed one until I owned it. I can't wait for Christmas to come back so I can do some more cute Christmas baking! Thanks Maureen!

Birthday bowls - set of three of these fabulous mixing bowls. They are perfect for mixing and pouring (love that lip). Thanks Dan!

Also these fabulous measuring bowls.
No idea where my mom-in-law found them, but I adore them and have used them in every cooking adventure I've gone on lately. (I love that you can get two measurings out of one little bowl!)

Cookbooks galore! I got cookbooks from both moms. Some how I'd made it this far without owning Nigella's How to be a Domestic Godess;
Chocolate Obsession is so good I can't read it without a piece of chocoltae in hand, well, mouth. I'll let you know as soon as I've tested out some recipes!

The Amy Sedaris book is fabulous! The day after Christmas I made turkey pot pie with leftovers (her recipe calls for chicken, but I thought she'd approve of the substitute). Really, if you don't have it you must run out and get it now!

My husband stocked my stuffing with Sili Cups from Sur La Table. I've used them and they're superfantastic!

Miss Erin got me these stylin' rain boots that I love to pieces (they're so comfortable!)

and Gretchie gave me this super cute necklace and Tina made me the darlingest (totally a word!) cupcake tray bracelet...

I have very very good friends and family and I feel very loved. I also received all kinds of crazy fabulous gifts of the non-cupcake kind. Thank you, everyone.

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