how did I miss these cuties?

My mouth is watering on overdrive because of this post at Orangette! How have I missed these little lovelies right here in my own fabulous city?!! I've been to Pearl Bakery, I've eaten their scrumptious treats, but I've never seen, tasted, or even heard of a bouchon! Where have I been? I love me some chocolate! And brownies, scones, and stale cake! And I looooove champagne, so all of these flavors, textures and tests rolled into a mini cupcake slash champagne cork? That's just too good to be true. OH! And the creator is a baker whose last name is Posey?! How did I not know of her? I'm feeling a little silly and embarrassed about all this right now (and very hungry). I'm going to make a special trip to Pearl Bakery this weekend and will report in as soon as I do. And I'm going to test out that recipe as well. Thanks Orangette!


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