Grand Review

Well I'd heard a lot of superlatives thrown about in the descriptions of Grand Central's cupcakes so I finally dragged by lazy butt over there last night (to buy my mom a belated birthday cupcake) and ended up with the very last one. I've been on a quest for a good coconut cupcake so I was pleased to see this was the flavor of the month. Thanks to their crafty take-out method (not as cute as the boxes from Starbucks, but much more single-cake friendly) the cake made it home unharmed. After my mom made her wish and blew out the candle, we cut into the dense cake only to discover that it was much more macaroon than cupcake - which made me quite happy actually. If I'd purchased it as a macaroon I may have complained that it was too cakey, but because it was a cupcake I was delighted with its texture and flavor. I'm a bit of a macaroon snob, ever since I experienced the ultimate macaroon (at Red Fox Bakery in McMinneville, OR), but this cake was quite quite tasty. Not too sweet, and no fake coconut flavor. It was jussst right! The frosting was a little bland, just butter whipped cream. I could have gone for a light coconut buttercream. The heavy cream was a little much for me, but I ate it anyway and enjoyed every moment. So go get yourself a Grand Central coconut cupcake before they change their flavor (I hear a chocolatey one is next, yay!).
Yummy macaroon like center

nice use of a to-go cup, and Rusty considering the cupcake

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